Vincent Forstenlechner (born 1996) is a visual-artist and photographer living and working between Vienna and Salzburg.  

His personal work focuses on long-form projects looking at the connection of memory, identity and place through photography. This approach also translates to his comissioned work, where he is specifically interested in portraiture and visual storytelling.

He has exhibited his work at Photon Gallery (SLO), Foto Forum Bolzano (IT), The Grey Space (NL), Fotogalerie Wien (AT) and Fotohof Salzburg (AT) among others.

Besides his photographic practice he is co-founder of the Artist Collective ︎︎︎ECLECT Lab.

︎︎︎ WÜL Magazine
︎︎︎ FAZ
︎︎︎ C41 Magazine
︎︎︎ Booooooom

Selected Clients
FAZ Quarterly 
ZEIT Entdecken 
ZEIT Verbrechen 
ZEIT Magazin
Das Magazin 
Der STANDARD Album  
LWZ Studio 
Hammer Albrecht
Studio Leichtfried 
Auris Ku

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