“It‘s not the line that makes the border.”

GRENZE (german for border) is a project about inner-european borders. When viewing a border one has to acknowledge the space surrounding this constructed parting line. A place which is at the margin of national identities and often overlooked and labeled as periphery. Taking a close look at the fragments that constitute this feeling of being inbetween rather than focusing on the national differences. The project aims to produce a visual document of the elements that these border areas have in common as contemporary witnesses of cultural and political change.

GRENZE was self-published as a book, to resemble the the overlapping cultures and spaces, two seperate books are folded into one another. Together they build ajoint narrative which dissolves again by going through the pages, when arriving at the end the two seperate parts reveal themselves.

Photographed between Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Romania.

Collaborative project with
Ira Grünberger
Peter Griesser
Mercan Sümbültepe
Linda Wonnebauer